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About Us

Welcome to Marubeni Indonesia

Marubeni Indonesia is a Japanese trading and investment company which belongs to Marubeni Corporation that operates in various industries such as energy, infrastructure, food, forest products, textile, ICT, transportation & machinery, natural resources, and chemicals. The company places great emphasis on innovation, constantly seeking new and better ways to meet the needs of its customers and society as a whole. Fairness is also a key value, with Marubeni striving to conduct business ethically and transparently. Finally, the company values harmony, promoting collaboration and teamwork among its employees and with its partners and stakeholders.

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Our Number

Our contributions to Indonesia by Numbers


IDR 190.000+

Annual Transaction Volume
From all business unit


±21% of Generation Capacity in Indonesia
Generated by our power plants (EPC&IPP)


Perkebunan industri
Berlokasi di Sumatera Selatan


Branches, Subsidiaries and Affiliates company
Spread all over the world


Import market share in Japan
For coffee bean industry


Working for company
All over the world
Our Business

Diverse range of business activities across wide-ranging industry fields


This Division’s advanced planning capabilities allow for the quick identification of trends and needs, which are then applied to designs; by leveraging supply chains vertically integrated from the sourcing of raw materials to end products, we are able to supply high-quality and cost-competitive products

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Chemicals represent a wide-ranging industry that permeates every aspect of our lives.

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We are committed to provide the best service and establish global partnership through our import and export activities across branches in different countries and regions to deliver good quality and various polymer resin from and for Indonesia.

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Bringing good quality food and its ingredients to local and overseas market

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Forest Products

Vast network enables us to connect supply and demand for forest products across the regions

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Metal and Mineral Resources

Plays a role in vast supply chain especially in commodities of Metals & Mineral.

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Participates in global LNG projects, renewable energy, and conducts trade in crude oil, petroleum products, LNG, and LPG

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Transportation & Industrial Machinery

Deliver high quality equipment and parts for transportation and machinery and its supporting services

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Infrastructure Projects

Experienced in many infrastructure project around the world

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IT Solution and Logistics

Comprehensive ICT services by adopting advanced technologies and logistics

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Finance & Leasing

Providing B2B and B2C financial services in Indonesia with a wide range

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Aerospace & Ship

Enhanced the value of aircraft assets

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Next Generation

The creation of next generation business models.

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