Major Products & Area

  • Energy Infrastructure, including Oil & gas, LNG related facilities, Gas Distribution.
  • Environmental (Sustainable) Projects, including Waste to Energy, Waste to fuel, CCS/CCUS 
  • Transportation Infrastructure, including Railway, Toll Road, Airport, Seaport.
  • Water Business, including Water & Wastewater Treatment Facility
  • EPC, O&M for Railway System, Water, Various Industrial Plants, including Chemical, Ferrous/Non Ferrous, Pulp & Paper, Cement, Bioenergy, etc.

Our Strenghts

Investments in energy infrastructure projects

Marubeni has collaborated with strategic partners around the world and invested in various energy infrastructure assets, including gas distribution and retail, as well as marine energy projects. This is an added value for Marubeni to optimize regional energy supply and become a comprehensive utility service provider in the gas distribution business in the host country.

Building circular economies through waste recycling business

Solving social issues and make a significant contribution to the realization of a sustainable society, including decarbonization,production and sale of biomethane from agricultural and livestock residues, the production and sale of fuels from waste, waste power generation, and the recovery and recycling of carbon dioxide from the exhaust gases generated by factories and power plants.

Investments in transportation infrastructure projects

Various experiences in PPP Transportation such as Australia's Gold Coast Light Rail PPP, Sydney Metro Northwest and the Road PPP project in Mexico. Marubeni will continue and enhance the value of our existing businesses in host countries.

Leading Japanese player in the water business Improving Industrial & Social Infrastructure in host countries, Promoting sustainable development in various industries Contributing to decarbonization and digitalization of Infrastructure & Manufacturing Industries

Marubeni has a diversified business portfolio in the water business sector and a top-level Japanese player in the water business both in terms of track record and the population served by its held assets. We will continue to strengthen our competitiveness and further develop our businesses with the goal of contributing to the achievement of sustainable society.

EPC projects & trade in railway industry and industrial plants

Marubeni has a top-class track record in EPC projects and trade in the field of railway systems and various types of industrial plants, such as oil, gas, chemical, sugar, pulp & paper, and textile in many regions throughout the world. We will continue to promote EPC for railway systems and industrial plants and provide EPC services together with operation and maintenance as a package.