Major Products & Area

  • Aircraft & Engine Parts Trading Business, Asset Management, Development Investment
  • Sales representatives for commercial aircraft and defense equipment, space-related projects, and the air mobility field
  • Business Jet Sales Agency & Business
  • Airport ground handling businesses, airport autonomous vehicles business
  • Sale and purchase, chartering, and ownership of merchant ships
  • Shipping pool business, ship fund business
  • LNG and other liquefied gas carriers business
  • Autonomous ship business, digital platform business for ship crews

Our Strenghts

Enhancing the Value of Commercial Aircraft Assets through Advanced Functionality

The division has significantly enhanced the value of aircraft assets by expanding its business development efforts across all stages of the aircraft lifecycle. This includes aircraft and engine parts trading, maintenance services, asset management, engine development investments, airport ground handling, and autonomous airport vehicles. These initiatives have bolstered our "value up" capabilities and enabled us to offer comprehensive solutions to our clients in the aviation industry.