Major Products & Area

  • Financing of Construction and Mining Equipment and Investment in Related Business
  • EV infrastructure and Distributed Energy Development
  • Sales of DC Fast Charger 50 kWh up to 350 kWh
  • Pursuing and developing green mobility and mobility-related businesses such as EV Bike and its battery swappable business (Battery as a Service, or BaaS) through collaboration with various business partners
  • Mobility Services & Investment in Related Business
  • Sales of Automation Mobile Robot, Smart Warehouse & Logistics Automation related products
  • One stop solution provider for Beverage Aseptic filling line, Gypsum board production line, Food Processing Line, Lib Production Line etc
  • Agricultural Machinery Related Business     

Our Strenghts

Construction & Mining Equipment Sales and Product Service Business

The Division’s trading business has a particularly long history with regard to its distributorship operations, which have been conducted for decades in the U.K., and Australia. Recently, the Division has also begun expanding its distributorship and product support operations in Asia and Latin America as an attempt to capture infrastructure demand in resource-producing nations and emerging countries. In Indonesia, we established construction equipment leasing & rental company, also develop innovation through digitalization.

From Automotive and Aftermarket Parts Sales to EV Infrastructure, Distributed Energy Development, Reuse & Recycle EV Battery and Other Next Generation Mobility and Energy Management Businesses

This Division develops its business throughout the world, from automotive trading, wholesaling and retailing to aftermarket businesses. While using new, digital technologies to improve upon our existing business models, we are creating mobility and energy management services that combine electric vehicle (EV) initiatives, the development and sale of rapid chargers for EVs, and distributed energy resources.

Contributing to Worldwide Creation in a Diversity of Industries, from Clothing, Food and Housing, to Automobiles and Aircrafts

We sell production machinery parts and electronic components to a wide variety of industries all over the world. However, we are not just involved in trade; we also offer aftermarket services like engineering and machinery installation, providing our customers with meticulous support. In the United States, we have a history of developing a machine tool wholesale business with Citizen Machinery Co. Ltd. that spans more than 35 years.