Shinji Kasai

President Director of PT Marubeni Indonesia


Dear Valued Stakeholders,

As one of Marubeni's traditional markets, Indonesia holds a special place in our company's history. We begun our business activities in Indonesia several decades ago and have since made unceasing efforts to build a solid business base in the region.

Moving forward, we are excited to expand our commercial interests in terms of trade and business investment. To achieve this, we will focus on strengthening the fields of chemicals, food, forestry, natural resources, infrastructure, and new green energy and the environment. We will also focus on build strong relationships with important business partners and expand inter-regional trade between ASEAN other Asia’s country.

On behalf of Marubeni in Indonesia, I am proud to work towards our objectives of creating, developing, maintaining, and expanding domestic demand businesses and projects, resources-related businesses and projects, and infrastructure businesses and projects. By achieving these objectives, we will continue to contribute to Indonesia and its communities.

To our stakeholders, we are looking forward to working with you as we move forward in expanding our business in Indonesia.