Major Products & Area

  • Apparel (Baby & Kids Cloths, Japan Market Uniform, Local Market Uniform) 
  • Lifestyle Products (Footwear) 
  • Textile Materials (Man-made fiber, man-made yarn and blend, natural yarn and blend, woven fabric, non-woven 
    fabric for medical/hygiene/industrial application) 
  • Rubber Products (tires and conveyor belts)
  • Rubber Raw Materials (natural and synthetic rubber)

Our Strenghts

Establishment of OEM*1 and ODM*2 systems for lifestyle-related products that plan, produce, and deliver.

Our innovative system empowers our headquarters to seamlessly manage the production of apparel, consumer goods, and lifestyle products, all while maintaining a short lead time and timely delivery to retailers. With advanced planning capabilities, we're always ahead of the curve when it comes to identifying trends and design needs. And thanks to our vertically integrated supply chain, we're able to deliver top-notch, cost-competitive products that have earned the trust of customers around the world. 

  • OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer; manufacturing of products sold under the name or brand of the contract.
  • ODM: Original Design Manufacturer; ODM is an abbreviation for Original Design Manufacturing/Manufacturer. An ODM does everything from the development and design to the production of a product that is eventually sold under another firm’s name or brand.
Brand development in a wide range of areas including apparel, footwear, and lifestyle products

IFME - the original shoe brand from Marubeni. Since 2000, we've been at the forefront of creating high-quality footwear, and now we're bringing our expertise to Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. As a Marubeni brand, we operate directly, ensuring that every pair of shoes meets our exacting standards for comfort, quality, and style. 

Business development in a wide range of areas, from rubber raw materials to finished products

We are developing a wide range of businesses, encompassing upstream (rubber raw material sales) to downstream (tire retail and conveyor belt sales) businesses with brand ‘B-Quik Indonesia’.