Major Products & Area

  • Basic Petrochemical Products: Olefins, Aromatics, Ethylene Glycol, Ammonia, 
  • Life science-related products such as feed additives for poultry and sea culture, oleochemicals.
  • Specialty chemical for polymerization catalysts.
  • Inorganic Chemicals.
  • Control Release Fertilizer. 

Our Strenghts

Trade of Olefins, Control Release Fertilizer NPK.

For olefin trading, Marubeni owns or has a standing charter for olefin tankers to maintain its industry-leading position in Asia and the Middle East. For Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG), Marubeni operates local distribution business in Indonesia with dedicated tanks for imported MEG and handling local MEG also. For Control Release Fertilizer NPK Marubeni offers high efficiency of fertilizer application. We in collaboration with domestic distributor sell to oil palm plantation. 

Comprehensive Expansion of Chemical Business in Indonesia

Chemicals represent a wide-ranging industry that permeates every aspect of our lives. We continues to take on the challenge of building new business models in a wide range of fields, from the upstream field of inorganic mineral resources such as industrial salts, to the downstream fields of electronics such as displays, solar power generation, semiconductors, and battery materials; the specialty chemicals field, including fatty alcohols, anti oxidant for PVC resin, special lubricant; and the life science field, mainly food functional ingredients and feed additives for poultry and sea culture.

Broad Range Feed Solutions

Marubeni provides a broad range feed solutions favorable for livestock and aquaculture. We aim to enhance the livestock, fish and shrimp health, performance, welfare and profitability. We proudly present the organic mineral selenium, nutritional emulsifier, inorganic mineral, amino acid, probiotic, butyrate and mycotoxins from our foreign partners to Indonesian market. The products safety is guaranteed by FamiQS and GMP+.