Always Striving for Growth, Embracing Better Days Ahead, and Savoring the Journey

Reason why join Marubeni

When I joined Marubeni, it was simply like I had accomplished one of my bucket lists: ' work in a Japanese company', basically since my major is Japanese Language. Therefore, I was quite confident in following through with the culture of the Japanese Company. However, beyond my expectations, Marubeni Indonesia is a warm-hearted place to work, and I believe I can grow and improve my career in Marubeni.

Daily Activities

Starting in 2009, my first assignment was sales support for the Plastic section in Chemical Dept II. I handled the administration and documentation of each business, from issuing the PO, sales contract, shipping documents, warehousing business and including payment and receipt. I started with zero experience because my previous job was nothing related to the trading or export-import business. In 2016 I pushed myself to handle the business directly. It was a different challenge, I faced a lot of problems and had to learn more about sales and marketing. I'm very lucky because I have a great support system, The Plaschem dept is a solid team, we cooperate and support each other. Not just support in work things, I enjoy a great time every day with the sales team, we catch up on the market situation together, and with the whole member team, we have lunchtime together or night out. Our office is located in the central city, a lot of hang out places nearby to enjoy after office hours with friends.

Experience in Marubeni

During my tenure in the business department at Marubeni, I have had the privilege of embarking on numerous enriching experiences. These opportunities have included visits to various manufacturers, ports and even journeys to different cities and countries. Along this journey, I have acquired a wealth of knowledge about customs clearance, governmental regulations, accounting, and insurance, significantly broadening my expertise.

Additionally, Marubeni has provided ample avenues for personal and professional development, which I have enthusiastically embraced. I have had the privilege of attending seminars, training sessions, workshops, and other educational opportunities, further enhancing my skill set and expanding my horizons.

When I initially joined Marubeni, I was a single professional. Since then, my life has evolved, with my role now encompassing the responsibilities of a working mother to three wonderful children. While it may be natural for some to assume that this transition might hinder one's career aspirations, the working mothers at Marubeni defy such expectations. We maintain our unwavering dedication, spirit, and passion for delivering outstanding results and resolving challenges.

The experience of being a working mother at Marubeni has reinforced the idea that it does not compromise our ability to excel in our roles. On the contrary, it has proven that we are more determined than ever to achieve success while simultaneously nurturing our families. At Marubeni, we embrace the spirit of balance and resilience, ensuring that we meet our professional obligations and cherish precious moments in our personal lives.