Chief Representative in Indonesia, President Director of PT. Marubeni Indonesia, Shinji Kasai meets with Vice Speaker of the House of Representative, Rachmat Gobel

16 November 2021

[Jakarta, November 16, 2021] On November 3rd, Mr. Shinji Kasai, Chief Representative in Indonesia, President Director of PT Marubeni Indonesia, met with Mr. Rachmat Gobel, Vice Speaker of the House of Representative.. Mr. Gobel is the leader of the Gobel Group, which owns multiple joint ventures with Japanese companies, including Panasonic. He has served as the Minister of Trade and is known as a Japanophile, having graduated from Chuo University.

As Vice Speaker, out of 11 commissions in the House of Representative, he is chairman on four of them (agriculture and environmental affairs/transportation and infrastructure/private and state-run companies/energy, mining, and finance). As head of legislative affairs for the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway project, he is also responsible for approving budgets and administrative supervision.

Mr. Kasai briefed him on the Marubeni Group’s businesses and its contribution to the economy and employment in Indonesia.

Mr. Gobel expressed thanks for the contributions so far to the Indonesian economy by Marubeni and other Japanese companies, and conveyed his desire for even more investment in Indonesia going forward.

There were lively questions posed on the Marubeni Group’s various businesses. The meeting was friendly throughout, with suggestions received that Marubeni should place a high value on choosing partners.

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