Successful in striving for the future.

Reason why join Marubeni

I decided to join Marubeni because it would be a great experience for a fresh graduate like me. Marubeni's corporate culture gives younger generation opportunities to grow. In addition to that, it’s been a dream of mine to pursue a career in a global corporation. I also intrigued by Marubeni's vision and mission before I started working here because contribute to Indonesia is somewhat an aspiration that I strive to achieve.

Daily Activities

After joining the company, I was assigned to Chemical Dept. II and specifically handle Flexible Packaging and Automotive's sales activities by doing administrative task for domestic, import, and export business. Initially there were many things that I didn’t understand, import and export procedures for instance, since my college major is not alligned with my career path. But it was not an obstacle because I learned lot of things from senior employee. Here's a glimpse of typical day in the life of Marubeni's sales support. The morning routine is checking email while grabbing a quick breakfast. Spend the first half catching up with customers and their order status. 12PM - 1PM lunch time with friends and then freshen up. After lunch, it's time for some deep work! I try to wrap up my workday as soon as possible so I can relax and enjoy my evening.

Expectation and Goals in Marubeni

The aim is actively contribute to achieving notable success in the foreseeable future while thoroughly enjoy working for a company I truly believe in.