Marubeni, place for success

Reason why join Marubeni

At that time , I interested to joint Marubeni, because I knew that Marubeni was one of big Japanese company at Jakarta, which location is in elite area in the center of Jakarta.  And I also interest joint this company since Marubeni offers good benefits for its employee ( like Medical,  Family picnic every year, New year party).

Daily Activities

1993 - 2006: As a secretary to President Director my daily activities mostly is arranging the schedules of President Director, Receiving and sending messages if President Director ( sitenchoo) was in the meeting or going abroad buss trips.  Arranging voucher payment for all expenses for sitenchoo

May 2006: starting joint to Accounting Departement .  Firstly I joint in Accounting Dept, my jobs mostly was handle accounting filing and to assist payrol job. And then, I was asked to handle as PIC for Bussines Accounting . After several years in Business accounting, I was asked become Cashier for PTMI and MC, because at the time , the cashier was suddenly resign.  I was a cahier until 2018.  

2019- now: I joint to Corporate Accounting which outline job is about finance accounting.

Experience in Marubeni

I Have 2 kind of jobs since I joint this company. As Secretary President Director and Accounting Department with some jobs ( cashier, business accounting and corporate accounting)