Marubeni Indonesia Mengadakan Acara “SUPOxGOMI in Indonesia” bekerja sama dengan AEON Delight

29 July 2022

[Jakarta, 29 Juli 2023] On July 17, Marubeni Indonesia held the “SUPOxGOMI in Indonesia” in cooperation with AEON Delight. This fun, sport-like event, which originated in Japan, is a competition in which participants pick up as much trash as they can within a given time limit. This allows participants to understand the importance of picking up and separating trash and get a feel for the sense of accomplishment they can gain by cleaning up their surroundings. While this event has been held over 1,200 times in Japan and abroad, this was the first time it was held in Indonesia.

The event was held at the Ragunan Zoo in the suburbs of Jakarta, where 147 participants and 47 volunteers gathered. Rekosistem, a local startup with which Marubeni Indonesia has a partnership in the waste recycling business, also participated in the event and gave a presentation on the necessity of waste separation. The company was also responsible for picking up and disposing the waste collected on the day of the event.

Fifteen volunteers from Marubeni Indonesia, including Mr. Kasai, Chief Representative in Indonesia, participated in the event, and 11 Japanese and non-Japanese companies sponsored the event. Although the time limit was only one hour, participants were able to successfully collect a total of 178 kg of waste.

Other guests present included Ambassador Kanasugi from the Embassy of Japan in Indonesia, Deputy Director General Dra. Mahanani Krisiningsih from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia, and Mr. Yayat Supriatna, General Manager of the Environment Department of South Jakarta City, who each gave a greeting speech. In his speech, Ambassador Kanasugi said, “In Japan, during the period of rapid economic growth in the 1960s, the streets were also filled with trash and the smell was terrible. I believe that Japan’s experience will be useful for Indonesia.”

Indonesia is the world’s second largest producer of marine plastic waste after China. Most of the trash that ends up in the ocean comes from household waste that flows out through rivers, so solving this issue will require a change in people’s attitude towards waste.

Marubeni Indonesia will continue its efforts to solve one of the country’s major social problems: responsible waste disposal.

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