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Reason why join Marubeni

After graduated from college and entered job life, I begin my career at various company, from companies that engaged in health,start up e-commerce and consulting firm.I had great experience until in 2021 I got a chance to had job interview at Marubeni Indonesia. Iwas so excited and thrilled to know more about Marubeni as one of biggest and most known Sogo shosha. On May 2021 i joined Marubeni Indonesia as sales support at Plastic section. one of the main reason i joined the company because as trading company Marubeni Indonesia handled various business, not only deal with one spesific products, so the chance for gaining knowledge and experience for young generations are high. The chances to be more global and working with others Marubeni branch around the world are interesting to me

Daily Activities

As sales support at Plastic section I was assigned in Automotive business, I handled administrative job for domestic, import business. At first, there are few things that unfamiliar for me, but i I deepened my understanding of work by learning from senior employees and participating in various study sessions, and learn from my own experience in the field. I would love to share a glimpse of my daily activities as Marubeni Indonesia employee, in the morning i usually start my day with a simple breakfast and start to replying email from customer and supplier then at 12PM - 1PM lunchtime with my colleague, and spending the rest of the day to finish up some works.

Experience in Marubeni

Marubeni Indonesia is a good place for professional development with a great company culture. As a young employee when you work for a company with a positive company culture or values and attitudes you share, you might be more engaged, satisfied and productive. I would like play an active role globally that I had imagined before joining the company.