The only way to do great work is to love what you do and where you work. At Marubeni, it becomes easier.

Reason why join Marubeni

Before I joined Marubeni, I already knew that this company is one of the major sōgō shōsha, with an outstanding reputation. There are many reasons why I want to join Marubeni, but as a global company that upholds fairness, innovation, and harmony, and pays full attention to the well-being and professional development of its employees, it has always been my dream to work with the best, and I believe it would be good for me, career-wise.

Daily Activities

To boost my day and get good morning vibes, I usually prepare a cup of black coffee. And when preparing my laptop and making today’s to-do list, sometimes I chit-chat with my team just to ask how they are doing, or even chat casually about various topics, from football, to politics, or even about Jakarta's traffic jams.

As a person working in the food department, my duties and responsibilities are mainly focused on developing the domestic principal business and creating new businesses. I make plans, coordinate between parties, develop products, and measure credit and supply chain risk management. I also navigate my great team on how we achieved the budget and prepare the analysis and the recovery plan if we found a big gap between the budget and actual sales. In addition, I make every effort to motivate and keep good communication with my team to enhance our work performance.

Expectation and Goals in Marubeni

I certainly hope that my skills, education, and experience can contribute positively and assist the company to grow even more. I also believe that Marubeni is the right place for me to have a good career, not only because I have a good second family here, but also at Marubeni, I am surrounded by great people with high skills and dedication, who can help me to be better, both in my career and as a person.